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Interview with Georgie {Beauxoxo}

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Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2014

Interview with Georgie {Beauxoxo}


Ausnahmsweise gibt es heute einen englischsprachigen Post, im Anschluss daran findet sich eine kurze deutsche Zusammenfassung.

Beauxoxo is a business created by the lovely Georgie who designs incredibly beautiful handmade hair accessories. Her vision was to create chic yet inexpensive hair accessories and she now sells flower crowns, glitter bows, knitted headbands, chain headpieces, butterfly hair clips, bow headbands, and so much more - basically everything a girl could dream of. I got in touch with her and asked her whether she would answer a few questions and she generously said yes.


Just look how lovely and beautiful she is!

1) When and how did Beauxoxo come to life?

Firstly, thank you so much for picking me for this feature!
As clichéd as it sounds, ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved to make things. I was constantly, constantly making things! At college, whilst studying for my A Levels, I would travel campuses to do Art and it was there I was constantly surrounded by girls and guys who inspired me so much. They made a living off what they made and sold outside of their studies, and that idea really stuck with me, so I started making my creations as well. At that time it was jewellery, interior things and clothes. I was also very interested in customising. When I got to University I had to stop making as many things because I had so much work to do. However whilst studying for a subject I absolutely loathed (I was a musician trapped in an artist’s body!), I constantly day dreamed about designs and sketched little pieces as often as possible. I think it was this period of time that I narrowed down what I wanted to sell, realising I was making entirely too many hair accessories for myself to wear alone! I have always felt there is an apparent lack of distinctive, yet fun hair accessories available on the market at an affordable price, so I set up my Etsy in 2010, but only really very occasionally adding stock. In 2011 I fell quite ill so I was unable to do much, so my shop really helped me to take my mind off how I was feeling. At the end of that year I met the X Factor hair stylist, Jamie Stevens, who purchased a set of my creations for Little Mix. Because of the exposure this created, I have been incredibly blessed that Beauxoxo took off full time from this very moment!

2) What is the inspiration behind your work?

I think my designs could be described as cute, decadent, sweet, whimsical, playful, fanciful, chimerical, maybe even dreamy, I think! I’m a little chaotic style wise, so many things I love, and that probably comes across in my designs! And actually every little thing inspires me; literally everything! It may be the colour of a bus, some beautiful flowers, perilously high heels, my favourite lipstick, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, street style, Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, catwalk trends, magazines, Mcqueen, bloggers, Harajuku girls, celebrities, and so it goes on! I live in a bubble of inspiration and my creative brain works 24/7 hours a day! This is good in some ways as it helps me to develop ideas quickly, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much I want to create and how there simply aren’t enough hours in the day! Moreover, I have been so, so fortunate from as young as I can remember to have travelled the world and I know that shaped me, without a doubt, as I was constantly surrounded by amazing colour, music, art, culture and food.


3) Do you remember the first piece you ever made?

I started making little corsage bows out of any ribbon that I could find and then added little charms. I loved them so much, and they were so many fun to make, but unfortunately I do not sell them now as I would collect a lot of vintage items and this makes it difficult to sell the same piece twice. After this I started to make my paper flower crowns, and to this day, they are still some of my best selling pieces!


4) What is it that you love about your work and about crafting?

The most exciting part about my work is that I am so fortunate enough to wake up everyday and do something I just love, and that is my passion. I think what's so wonderful about this modern age we are entering into is that the internet can make you feel connected to a huge audience that wouldn't be possible twenty years ago. There are so many like myself who are getting their designs noticed by a wide audience, and also hugely successful bloggers and Youtubers who illustrate that it takes just one idea, and that if you are wholeheartedly ambitious, there's nothing you can’t achieve. Also, I think this period in time is perfect to start a crafting business, and especially online, because there is a huge crafting boom right now, despite the struggle for larger retailers in the economic climate. I think this is because people are really thinking about their spending, and crafting has the ‘specialness factor’ so it makes you stand out from the mainstream. Furthermore, having an online shop means you are open to the world rather than just a small, niche customer target market. The possibilities are endless and I love being apart of it!

5) What's your favourite piece of your collection?

My favourite piece, sentimentally will always be my glitter hair bows because this is what really launched Beauxoxo! However at the moment I am in love with my velvet bow headbands. I love making them and then planning the photo shoot in Liverpool was a lot of fun because I loved telling a story through this collection. I really wanted to show the beauty and history of Liverpool but mixed with a dash of Dolce and Gabanna's Italian style with the deep red lips, braids and lace dresses. Like I said, I have lots of different inspirations!


6) What achievement are you most proud of?

Every time I am featured on a celebrity, a blogger or a magazine, or when I sell to a new country; I am tremendously proud of everything, and I have to pinch myself that my designs are out in the big wide world! But actually, I am just proud that I managed to take my hobby to a big grown up business, it is very scary, but something I am so very proud of! I think it is very important for anyone with a dream, like myself, to know that your ideas matter so much, and I absolutely promise you that you can do creative, good work in this world and earn a good living doing it. If I can help inspire other people to believe this in their own lives then I think this would be my proudest moment.

Thank you, Georgie, for taking the time to answer my questions! I swear, she is one of the nicest people I have ever talked to, beautiful both inside and out... Make sure you visit her shop and her blog to see the unique creations.

Beauxoxo ist das Unternehmen der wunderbaren Georgie, die unglaublich schöne, handgemachte Haaraccessoires gestaltet. Ihre Vision war es, eleganten, aber gleichzeitig auch leistbaren Haarschmuck herzustellen und sie verkauft nun Blumenkronen, Glitzermaschen, gestrickte Headbands, Kettenhaarschmuck, Schmetterlingshaarclips, Maschenhaarbänder und vieles, vieles mehr. Sie war so nett ein paar meiner Fragen zu beantworten.
Von klein auf liebte Georgie es, Dinge selbst zu machen. Während ihrer Collegezeit hat sie mit ihren Kreationen begonnen, und schon bald verfestigte sich die Idee in ihr, ihre Haaraccessoires zu verkaufen. Den Durchbruch mit Beauxoxo hatte sie, als eine Sängerin von Little Mix ihre Glitzerhaarmasche im Finale von X Factor im Fernsehen trug. Ihre Inspiration zieht sie aus vielen Bereichen des täglichen Lebens, sie sprudelt nur so über vor Kreativität. An ihrer Arbeit schätzt sie es, jeden Tag aufzuwachen und das tun zu können, wofür sie eine richtige Passion hat. Außerdem erwähnt sie, dass dies durch das Internet und seinen Stellenwert in der heutigen Zeit möglich gemacht wird, da sie ein größeres Publikum erreicht.
Anfangs hat Georgie begonnen, Haarmäschchen herzustellen, und ist dann relativ schnell zu Papierblumenkronen übergegangen, die bis heute zu den beliebtesten Stücken zählen. Einen besonderen Stellenwert werden für sie immer ihre Glitzerhaarmaschen haben, da sie es sind, die Beauxoxo erst so richtig gelauncht haben. Besonders begeistert ist sie gerade aber auch von ihren Samtmaschenhaarbändern, einer relativ neuen Erweiterung ihrer Kollektion.
Es freut sie unglaublich, wenn Celebritys, Magazine oder Blogs ihre Kreationen tragen oder vorstellen, oder wenn sie ihre Päckchen in ein Land schicken darf, in das sie vorher noch nie geliefert hat. Am meisten ist sie jedoch stolz darauf, dass sie es geschafft hat, ihr Hobby in ein funktionierendes Unternehmen zu verwandeln. Sie möchte eine Inspiration für all jene sein, die Ähnliches vorhaben.
Danke an die wunderbare Georgie für die Antworten auf meine Fragen! Schaut auch unbedingt in ihrem Shop und auf ihrem Blog vorbei!

Image credit goes to Beauxoxo.

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Am/um 15. Oktober 2014 um 14:59 , Blogger Michèle Kruesi meinte...

Awww! So ein toller Post und so hübsche viele hübsche Kopfschmuck-Variationen!

Am/um 15. Oktober 2014 um 15:00 , Blogger Barbara meinte...

Danke, Michèle :-)

Am/um 15. Oktober 2014 um 15:59 , Blogger Elisabeth Baernthaler meinte...

Schönes Interview und ich hab eben ein bisschen durch den Beauxoxo Shop gestöbert - da sind echt tolle Haarbänder dabei!

Am/um 15. Oktober 2014 um 21:59 , Blogger Carolin Se meinte...

Sehr schönes Interview! Die Sachen im Beauxoxo Shop sind auch echt toll :)

Am/um 20. Oktober 2014 um 22:11 , Blogger Dreams That Glitter xoxo meinte...

Thank you so, so much for this lovely blog post Barbara <3 xoxo

Am/um 20. Oktober 2014 um 22:25 , Blogger Barbara meinte...

Thank YOU, Georgie!


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